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Kent Norby

Sr. Account Agent 356 N.E. Beacon Drive Ste. E
Work Grants Pass OR 97526 Work Phone: (541) 476-3527 Work Fax: (541) 476-5883 Website:


Animal lover, Father of Megan and Greg, and avid outdoor enthusiast!

Kent is a Personal Lines producer that has been selling insurance for over 31 years. Outside of insurance, Kent is a hopeless popcorn nut who is crazy about his goats, known as Norby’s Nubians. For lack of better names, he calls them Whitey, Browny, and Spotty. I bet you could guess which one is which if you saw them. He enjoys shooting when he can with friends and family. Kent is one of 5 kids, and he has a daughter named Megan and a son named Greg. He enjoys connecting with his family up and down the West coast whenever possible. You will find Kent outside working on projects or hiking with his family on weekends.