Photo of Kim Henderson

Kim Henderson

Health Insurance Consultant

Adventurer, Cuisine Lover, and Cook! Kim has been a health insurance producer for over six years.  When she's not helping clients with their health insurance needs, you will find her traveling all over the west coast with her husband, Roger.  She loves watching chefs prepare masterpiece dishes, and she loves trying out recipes on her…

Photo of Greg Norby

Greg Norby

Account Agent

Animal Lover, Powerlifter and Traveling enthusiast! Greg is an account agent who is enjoying his career in the insurance industry.  He is a Grants Pass local who grew up here and he heard his parents talking  about insurance all his life.  You'll find him in the gym lifting weights and competing in powerlifting meets.  He…

Photo of Jan Norby

Jan Norby


Harmony lover, Mother of Megan & Greg, and Insurance Agent!. Jan is a Personal Lines producer who has been in the insurance industry over 32 years. Believe it or not, she has a life outside of insurance. Jan loves to sing harmony to most any song and has been involved in various musical singing groups.…

Photo of Kent Norby

Kent Norby

Sr. Account Agent

Animal lover, Father of Megan and Greg, and avid outdoor enthusiast! Kent is a Personal Lines producer that has been selling insurance for over 31 years. Outside of insurance, Kent is a hopeless popcorn nut who is crazy about his goats, known as Norby's Nubians. For lack of better names, he calls them Whitey, Browny,…

Photo of Erica Paddock

Erica Paddock

Licensed Account Agent

Mom to a wonderful son, Mopar enthusiast, and animal lover! Erica loves spending time at home with her wonderful son and playing with their dogs and cats.  She loves taking road trips with her son in her Challenger.  She loves old cars and is currently restoring her Grandpa's '69 Ford Pickup.  Erica strives to do…

Photo of Toni Withey

Toni Withey

Sr. Account Agent

Auto Enthusiast, Dog lover, Wife and mom! Toni is a Senior Account agent and has been licensed as an agent for over 18 years. The Withey family are all bonafide Motorsports nuts. If it has an engine they're paying attention! In her spare time Toni loves to cook and garden.  Toni and her husband have…