Southern Oregon Wildfires


In southern Oregon, most of us are used to wildfires hitting our forested slopes during the summers.  However, 2020 was a firestorm to remember.  Without warning, massive winds swept and fueled fires into neighborhoods leaving destroyed homes, businesses, mobile homes, and apartment buildings. The last count I can recall totaled around 2300 destroyed homes. Let’s […]

What is Business/Commercial insurance?


Over the many years of my career, business owners have asked me, “What’s the right way to protect my business?” I understand their air of concern because they’ve invested their hard earned money into a going concern. They want to be sure they’re protected in the event of an accident or catastrophe. Business/Commercial insurance protects […]

Classic Car Insurance – What you need to know


You just purchased your long awaited classic car. She’s your baby, and you’re so proud of how she looks. Now it’s time to consider your insurance options: 1. Typically classic cars are insured for an agreed value. This value is agreed upon by you and the insurance company based on collector car values and guides (normal […]

Why Do My Insurance Rates Go Up?

Insurance Rates Go Up

As an agent for over thirty years, I’ve had this question asked many times.  Sometimes people ask me because they haven’t made any claims or received any tickets.  They’ve been good as gold and bam…here comes their renewal with higher rates.  The clients say things like, “My car is getting older…shouldn’t the rate go down?”, […]

Do you have Pet Insurance?


Pets are family members, and we want them to have the best possible care.  Pet insurance is similar to healthcare for humans.  Setting aside a budget for pet medical expenses can be difficult, and one accident or emergency could mean thousands of dollars in unexpected costs. The solution is buying an affordable pet insurance plan […]


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